Award-winning International Multicultural Fiction

Exotic novels, from Celtia and America to the Aegean and Anatolia,

by the multiple award-winning author

Kristina O'Donnelly

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Kristina O'Donnelly was born in Rome, Italy, from an Austrian mother and Italian/Albanian father, and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, until the threesome relocated to the United States of America.

Kristina O'Donnelly is known for offering novels described as "imbibing exotic cocktails on the Orient Express."

Her multi-cultural plots do include sizzling love affairs, but also controversial socio/political issues that are current, as well as ancient philosophies, no holds barred human emotions, and far-flung, beguiling locales.

Kristina is a firm believer in the can do, will do, spirit, and that one should never give up the good fight as every person's effort, counts.

Her novels have received several awards and been published in the USA as well as Canada, Spain, England, New Zealand and Turkey.

She is a Founder of Florida Writers Association, Inc.
Her main body of work is Lands of the Morning™, a series of kaleidoscopic, exotic, international, ethnically diverse novels, with excellent potential for a TV-series. The pervading theme in the Lands of the Morning™ Series is love, as well as social justice, controversial, all-consuming, and ultimately, redeeming. The trials, tribulations and triumphs of three respective families are traced from their roots in the mists of pre-history. They are the Berks, Trojans, the Alkibiades', Achaeans, and the Kayhans, Turks. Skeins of exotic people, places and customs rooted in Turkey and branching out to Ireland, Israel, United States of America, Italy, Greece, and Saudi Arabia, interlace the subplots with the fast-growing scheme of events, climaxing in an unexpected denouement.

The fruit of a lifetime of research and writing, this series is fiction based upon authentic, contemporary as well as historical backgrounds and events.

Award-winning author Kristina O'Donnelly's exotic international novels Troy Turkey Ireland USA

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©Published titles: The Horseman, Clarion of Midnight-Megali Idea, The Scorpion Child  (Defy Eternity), Ride the Eagle (Beloved Enemy), Waltz With the Wind, Trojan Enchantment, Andromakhe - An Epic Novel of Troy and a Woman's Triumphant Valor, Korinna -  Daughters of the Fire, Book I., and Spring Rain on the Wind, Seekers of the Light Series, # 2.

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